Via Lewisville ISD:

Lewisville High School (LHS) held its 82nd annual Rosecutting Ceremony on May 16 at Leo C. Stuver Auditorium. The tradition began with the Class of 1935.

“I think as one of the oldest traditions, it’s one of the most respected ceremonies we have,” LHS Student Body President Chris Del Carpio said. “The fact Lewisville High School has been growing for years, every class gets to join what used to be a small group that was united and connected. Now, we get to be united and connected in the same way, no matter how large we are. And, we’ll always have a connection as Fighting Farmers.”

The Rosecutting Ceremony is an event carefully choreographed to symbolize the value placed on the friendships and experiences that bond students with their friends, even as they break that bond to begin new chapters in their lives beyond high school.

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  1. I remember our rosecutting ceremony well. I was in class of ’76. This ceremony is more emotional than Baccalaureate or Graduation. Going from one unified class to each of our separate ways. More schools should have this.


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