Friends and colleagues react to Vaughn’s passing


As news spread Wednesday night about Lewisville Councilman Leroy Vaughn’s death, his friends and colleagues paid their tributes by sharing their memories of him.

Here are some comments and statements shared with The Lewisville Texan Journal and via social media:

“Leroy’s passing is a sad moment for Lewisville, and for me personally. My thoughts are with his family and friends. But it also is an opportunity to celebrate the lifetime of service he gave to the community wherever he lived. During his six years on City Council, I saw a man who deeply cared about the people of Lewisville and who always had a different perspective to offer on issues. We can all honor his memory best by following his example and using our time and talents to serve others.” – Rudy Durham, Mayor of Lewisville

“Leroy and I both joined City Council in 2011. We would always greet each other with a smile, nod and then say “Councilman”. It reminded me every time of being sworn in. Leroy also served on CDBG so we viewed supporting our social service organizations through a similar lens. I always appreciated his wisdom as the senior statesman on our council.” – TJ Gilmore, Mayor Pro Tem of Lewisville

“I would describe Councilman Vaughn as a true example of a servant leader. He served on the Lewisville City Council to help guide the city and to make it a great place to work, live and relax for all.

“I remember the first time that I met Leroy in 2012, he was very friendly and curious about what brought me to the council meeting. I was impressed with how engaging he was with me, a relatively new citizen. At the time I was curious about the Vision 2025 Committee that was forming and I wanted to know more about how the city made its decisions.  He was always very polite and formal in all settings; he was just a really good person. I will miss sitting next to him in the Council Workshop.” – Brandon Jones, Lewisville City Council Place 4

“I had heard Leroy’s name, but first met him in early 2011. I had just succeeded in bringing the largest crowd ever to city hall, resulting in allowing gas drillers to drill, lessees to collect royalties, but protecting neighborhoods by moving new drilling south of 3040. That generated added encouragement from many to run for city council. Steve Southwell told me that Leroy was also contemplating a run, so Steve arranged for us to meet and compare credentials. In the end, I chose to step aside so Leroy could run first, then helped engineer his campaign. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it, and our team had both fun and a great sense of accomplishment with Leroy’s success. And I was elected just six months later that year in special election, so I worked out well for both of us.

“The council dais put Leroy to my immediate right, and we worked closely as a team for a number of years. I will always remember Leroy at his best: probing, offering ideas and solutions, sharing insights, and both of us making important progress together. I was very deeply saddened to hear of his passing, and I send my heartfelt condolences to his mother and his entire family. The city has lost a dedicated and valuable contributor, willing to give his time with his heart in the right place towards making Lewisville better. He will be sorely missed.” – Neil Ferguson, Lewisville City Council Place 2

“Councilman Vaughn was a true public servant. Even before he was on city council, he was actively serving the community. I will miss him!”Brent Daniels, Lewisville City Council Place 5 (Via Facebook)

Just last week Leroy was kind enough to offer me use of his pickup anytime I wanted. He was always generous and kind to me. He also had fervent convictions and tried to put his community first, which makes him a hero in my book.Claire Swann, Assistant City Manager for Lewisville (Via Facebook)

“He was a benevolent man- dedicated to service to his community. I always admired his willingness to build yard signs and drive around staking them in the ground. May his family find peace” – Julie Malcom (via Facebook)

“He was very kind and encouraging towards me in his capacity as councilman. This is very sad news.” – Eric Page (via Facebook)

“A huge loss. Prayers to the Vaughn Family “ Cindi Clarke (via Facebook)

“Lewisville lost a good man today. I didn’t know him well enough to call him ‘friend’, but I respected him for his service to the city. When I told him I was filing to run for his City Council seat he very graciously told me I needed to do what I felt was best. I will miss seeing his thoughtful, contemplative face at the Council workshop table. RIP Councilman Leroy Vaughn. You are already missed.” – Bob Troyer, Lewisville 2025 Committee Member

“Councilman Vaughn was a true gentleman and a great volunteer with Keep Lewisville Beautiful. He was always supportive of KLB and our community. He will be missed for sure.” – Amy Wells, Executive Director, Keep Lewisville Beautiful

“My final duties from 2 campaigns for Mr. Vaughn, notifications. Thank you for your service to the community, such a kind heart. It was an honor to work for you. Peace to your family.” – Lin Jemison, Leroy Vaughn’s campaign manager

Heartbreaking. Leroy was a rare gem of a human being who served his community with the utmost integrity. Our hearts go out to his family. What a terrible loss.” – Jennifer Giles

“Such a great man. Prayers for his family.” – Kathy Duke

“I think I can say with some assurance that I was one of the first to donate to his campaign when he announced his candidacy for city council, and I was proud to block walk for him. He served our city well, and will be so missed.” – Virginia Marshall

“I was fortunate enough to spend some time with him and touch base on the phone every now and then. He was a very kind soul. He will be missed greatly.” – Osman Paracha

“R.I.P. Leroy Vaughn, a true gentleman, thank you for your service and advice. It was my pleasure to know you.” – MaryEllen Miksa

“We met Leroy over 20 years ago by becoming his next door neighbor. Our friendship has continued as he was our good friend. We saw him just a few days ago and was so glad to learn he would run again for City Council and we would gladly do all we could again to help. His death is so shocking because he was planning so many things. We will miss him greatly.” – Anita, Kent & Will Mobley

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Lewisville Councilman Leroy Vaughn dead at age 70


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