Fire destroyed an unoccupied house on the campus of Accelerated Christian Education on the northwest corner of Valley Parkway and Spinks Road Thursday night.  The corporate campus is home to Hendersonville Tennessee-based ACE’s Lewisville distribution center.

Firefighters were dispatched to the blaze at 9:09 p.m. and were on scene within minutes but were delayed in getting apparatus and water to the house.

Three fire engines, a fire truck and two medics initially responded to the fire, which was visible from S. Valley Parkway.  The responding fire vehicles initially appeared to enter the property from Valley Parkway, but the buildings were inaccessible due to a large pond.  

Firefighters redeployed to Spinks Road where a gate leads to the house.  They were able to cut through the gate about 18 minutes after being dispatched.  Aerial maps show the property is heavily treed, and there was not a clear path to the structure from the road. Firefighters walked the path first to spot a route for a fire engine to get through. At its closest point, the house was 375 feet from Spinks, but the twisted path to the house put it nearly 800 feet from the entrance.

Once responders got in, radio traffic indicates they worked on getting a hose in from the road. Although an engine made it in behind the house, the path was too narrow for Truck 7 with its aerial ladder.  Other firefighters hiked in on foot to reach the house.

Firefighters point their flashlights at graffiti visible through a window of the building. (Photo by Steve Southwell)

By 9:39 p.m., about 30 minutes after the call, firefighters had put enough water on the fire to have it mostly knocked down.  By 9:57, command was notified that the fire was under control. By 10:09 p.m., the fire was out.

Radio traffic indicated that the house had no electric or gas service and that police had located and spoken with the owners.  The building appeared to be clad in bricks and showed signs of having been tagged with graffiti.

Firefighters on scene after the fire had been mostly put out. (Photo by Steve Southwell)

Flower Mound firefighters also responded and assisted with the effort. An engine from Coppell filled in for Lewisville.

We will update this report if we learn more about the fire.


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