Lewisville crimes rates in 2016 trended down


Via the Lewisville Police Department

The 2016 Uniform Crime Report shows a slight decrease in Lewisville, with major crimes showing the largest declines.

The UCR is an annual report issued by the FBI that presents data on selected categories of crimes reported to participating police departments. Offenses in the UCR are divided into two groups – Part 1 and Part II. Part I crimes encompass most violent crimes, as well as certain property crimes. Part II offenses include lesser, mostly non–violent crimes. Only arrests are reported for Part II offenses.

For reported offenses in 2016, Lewisville saw a 3.5 percent increase in Part 1 offenses over 2015 and a 4.4 percent decrease in Part II crimes, for an overall crime decrease of 1.6 percent. Decreases were noted for crimes against persons such as Murder (-100 percent – there were two murders in 2015 and none in 2016), Rape (-4.5 percent), Robbery (-16.9 percent), and Aggravated Assault (-16.8 percent). Burglary of Buildings increased (34.2 percent) while Burglary of a Habitation decreased (-7.1 percent). Motor Vehicle Thefts increased in 2016 (17.3 percent).

Lewisville has a relatively low number of reports among several crime types, so small numerical changes can represent large percentage changes.

A complete list of all reported crimes can be found  on the police department website. 


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