Updated: Two arrested after officer assault in Lewisville apartment complex

Devin Christopher, left, and Miguel Flores, right, are arrested in relation to an officer assault at a Lewisville apartment complex.

Two have been arrested in relation to an officer assault that happened around 12:30 a.m. Sunday. The officer was responding to a noise disturbance at apartments in the 800 block of Union Station Parkway and was jumped while calling for backup to help remove guests who were no longer welcome on the premises, Capt. Dan Rochelle said.

Lewisville Police Department’s Officer J.M. Reid was off-duty at the time but was serving as a courtesy officer for the complex. He responded to a page concerning the noise disturbance and contacted the apartment’s resident, telling her to turn it down or the gathering would have to be shut down, Rochelle said.

As the officer was leaving, the resident asked Reid to help her remove a guest who would not comply with the officer’s warning. When asked who was causing the problem, the resident pointed to Devin Christopher, 22, who was playing beer pong on a kitchen counter, according to a probable cause affidavit. 

Reid announced himself as a Lewisville police officer to those within the apartment and displayed his city-badge with his left hand. While Reid and the resident both told Christopher to leave multiple times, Christopher cursed at the officer and continued to play beer pong, the affidavit said.

Rochelle said Reid stepped into the breezeway to call 911 to get additional patrol officers to assist him. As Reid was on the phone, Christopher ran towards the officer and punched Reid with a closed fist multiple times in the face, according to the affidavit, causing Reid to drop his phone out of reach.

Reid grabbed Christopher around the upper shoulder area and right arm and threw him to the ground with a hip toss. While the two were fighting on the ground, several bystanders joined to help Christopher.

Miguel Flores, 21, was identified in a video submitted as evidence as one of the bystanders who got involved in the fight. Flores is seen putting his right arm under the officer’s chin in a rear naked choke maneuver, a technique used in wrestling that can cause a person to go unconscious quickly, the affidavit said.

While Flores is choking Reid, he nearly pulls Reid into a vertical position backwards by the neck, the affidavit said. An unknown citizen was able to help and free Reid from the hold. Reid said after being freed, Flores returned to assaulting him and put him in an additional choke hold of the same manner, in which he almost lost consciousness.

“Officer Reid fearing for his life began to attempt to access his holstered pistol to stop the threat,” Flores’ affidavit said. “DEFENDANT recognized this and pinned Officer Reid’s arm to the ground with assistance from other assailants to prevent him from having access to his pistol.”

The assailants were tackled by another person present, allowing Reid to gain control and handcuff Christopher, Rochelle said. Flores and other suspects fled the scene before back up arrived, the affidavit said.

Reid had blood coming from his lip, nose, eyes and forehead when backup arrived, according to the affidavit. Both his eyes and nose were already bruising, it said.

Flores was later identified and apprehended outside of a home in McKinney later that Sunday. The Street Crimes Unit sat outside of a house on the 9000 block of Zaharias and waited for Flores to come out around 2:30 p.m. As he gets in a Dodge Ram, the unit officers approach Flores wearing shirts that identified them as police.

According to the affidavit, as the officers ran up to the vehicle,  they yelled, “Lewisville Police, Lewisville Police, get out of the car!” to which Flores reached inside the front of his pants. “Let me see your hands!” they yelled and Flores locked the passenger-side door while continuing to reach into his pants.

Rochelle said Flores briefly barricaded himself in his car before the unit eventually got him out. Flores tried to run back into the house and a scuffle ensued.

Flores’ mother eventually came out of the house and yelled at the officers, the affidavit said, and an officer ran towards her and asked her to stay away.

Flores would not comply with officer commands to stop resisting and to put his hands behind his back. He locked his arms underneath his stomach, the affidavit said. As a response, an officer stunned Flores with a department-issued Taser.

The officers were able to remove Flores left arm from his waist band and secure both of his hands behind his back before placing them in handcuffs, the affidavit said.

Christopher was charged with assault on a public servant with a bond of $20,000, interference with an emergency call with a bond of $2,500, criminal trespass of habitation with a bond set at $2,500 and resisting arrest at $5,000.

Flores was arrested for two traffic warrants out of The Colony, a paraphernalia warrant out of Frisco and a delivery of marijuana under 5 pound warrant out of Dallas County. He was arraigned Sunday morning on the charge of resisting arrest with a bond set at $10,000. A detective visited him later in the day and put a warrant on him for assault on a public servant with a bond set at $20,000, Rochelle said.

The two were awaiting transfer to Denton County Jail Monday morning.

Editor’s note: This story has been supplemented with additional details provided by requested probable cause affidavits.


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