Mary Smith runs for council


Thirteen year Lewisville resident Mary Smith is seeking to represent her community on Lewisville City Council, running for Place 2.

Smith initially came to Lewisville for her congregation, Grace Missionary Baptist Church. She was introduced to the church by a friend while living in Dallas and got a feel for the city and the community driving back and forth every Sunday. Eventually, she moved to Lewisville with her children.

“We just came together as one, prayed about it, and here we are,” she said. “It just felt like home.”

Smith graduated from Dallas Christian College with a Bachelor’s in ministry, and eventually got a Master’s in ministry from Dallas Baptist University. She said she uses her education in her church’s outreach efforts. Smith worked as a bus driver for LISD for several years, developing relationships with parents and ingraining herself in the community. She has since switched back to phlebotomy, which she had done before moving.

Smith said that after 13 years in Lewisville, research on area issues and encouragement from her congregation, she wanted to represent her community in local government. She said she’s served in the past on the Lewisville Industrial Development Corporation, LISD District Facility Advisory and the Lewisville Back-to-School Fair, and still serves on the Lewisville Housing Finance Corporation,.

“You just don’t wake up one day and say, ‘oh, I’m running for city council,’” she said. “The community gave back to me, so I’m going to give back to the community.”

Smith had previously run for the LISD school board in 2014 and 2015, earning fewer than 1,000 votes each time.

Smith outlined four main points of her platform — watching out for teens at risk of homelessness, increasing affordable housing, supporting current city efforts to revitalize Old Town and reducing crime rates. She said her strategies to reach these goals were to increase partnership with Kyle’s Place and similar organizations, increasing trust between the police and the community and encouraging neighborhood watch groups.

Smith is running against seven-year incumbent Neil Ferguson and Ronni Cade, who had served on City Council in the mid-’90s. Election day is May 5, with early voting scheduled for April 23.


  1. What was the point of placing this information,

    “Smith had previously run for the LISD school board in 2014 and 2015, earning fewer than 1,000 votes each time.“

    Seems shady to me! I reviewed the other candidates post and you never listed any voter count information.

    Do you have something against Mary?

    • Knopp here — that’s simply not true. We addressed it in stories about Winston Edmondson, Penny Mallet and Allison Lassahn, the only candidate who had previously run for a position and lost it that we didn’t mention that information for is Sandra Weinstein. I actually wrote about it in Kronda Thimesch’s story, and she won her election.

      I think it’s important to note when a civil servant candidate has run before and how they did. It’s a measure of how popular they are and how determined they are to earn their position, but also picks out the ones who seem to be banging their heads against the wall.

      I think it’s particularly important in Mrs. Smith’s case to note that she’s previously run for a completely different governing body. I didn’t even realize she’d run while I was interviewing her — the only reason I learned is because she ran against Thimesch in 2015 and I was putting those stories together at the same time — otherwise I would have asked her about it


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